Robidoux Heating and Air Conditioning
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Robidoux Heating & Air Conditioning is a residential heating and air conditioning contractor servicing the Ottawa area. Putting "Quality Back in Service" is the company's mission. Our business grows one customer at a time. Robidoux Heating & Air Conditioning treats each customer with the best service in the industry. This is something that the company's owner expects for himself and will accept nothing less for the customers he serves.

Our company provides service, maintenance and sales of furnaces, boilers, air conditioners (including duct-less), on demand hot water systems, natural gas water heaters, heat recovery ventilators and radiant floor heating. Our suppliers provide us with top quality products and have a huge variety of products to suit any situation.

Contact us for a no hassel quote. We will be glad to help you.

About Us  |  Services  |  Products  |  Quotes  |  Contact Us